New Cars Models

New Cars Models

a.aaa-bmw-the-best-cars-in-the-worThe New Cars Models  is a new models.The electric motor sits between the rear wheels, contributing greatly to the -percent front/rear weight distribution. The motor is an AC-induction type, the basic principles of which were demonstrated in the 1880s by Nikola Tesla himself, and it doesn’t need expensive rare earth metals.Whatever what you use — gasoline, electricity, hamsters in a wheel — making a vehicle move requires the consumption of energy. The laws of physics are immutable. The question is, how efficiently can it be done.When a crash does happen, the usual complement of passive safety devices, including an array of airbags, kick into play. Beyond that, clever engineering such as the double octagon extrusions front and rear, and the immensely strong roof structure, is working to protect you. Tesla claims the Model S outperforms federal crash standards.Ilike this models and i like it very much…………



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