Goats Wallpaper

goatportrait standard 300x225 Goats Wallpaper

Goats Wallpaper

328891 300x205 Goats Wallpaper

Goats wallpaper pictures are very beautiful. Mature male goats are called billy goats or bucks. Mature Females are does;when they have young they are called nannies.Young goats are kids. Both sexes usually have horns, and may be white, black, brown or a combination of colors. Male goats have chin beards and a pungent smell during the breeding season. Goats have flat tails, bare underneath, that point upwards, in contrast to sheep’s tails which hang down. Most breeds of goat have floppy ears, unlike sheep, which have pricked or upright ears. However, European dairy goat breeds also have pricked ears.


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