Black Russian Terrier Dogs Wallpapers

Black Russian Terrier Dogs Wallpapers

Black_Russian_Terrier_EurodogshowThe Black Russian Terrier is large, intelligent, robust, powerful, protective, and territorial. He loves his family deeply but is aloof and distrustful toward strangers. He is a good watchdog, and doesn’t usually bark unless there’s a reason. He is born with an instinct to guard and protect, and he will protect your family, yard, house, and vehicle. Just his appearance alone might thwart intruders. He is confident and courageous. He will instantly become defensive in dangerous situations, but relaxes as soon as the danger passes. Because of his size, strength, and dominant nature, early obedience training is really important. He is alert and responsive and adapts well to training. This dog needs lots of human companionship, and will want to be part of the family. He will want to be with you at all times, following you from room to room and sharing your life.

black-russian-terrier-porch-picture IMG_3057 three-black-russian-terrier-dogs-picture two-lovely-black-russian-terrier-dogs


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