Bee Wallpaper

Bee Wallpaper

sunflower bee 325648 300x199  Bee Wallpaper Bees wallpapers are very beautiful.Bees store their venom in a sac attached to their stinger and only female bees sting. That is because the stinger, called an ovipositor, is part of the female bee’s reproductive design. A queen bee uses her ovipositor to lay eggs as well as sting. Sterile females, also called worker bees, don’t lay eggs. They just use their ovipositors to sting. Bees see all colors except the color red. That and their sense of smell help them find the flowers they need to collect pollen. Not only is pollen a food source for bees, but some of the pollen is dropped in flight, resulting in cross pollination.  The relationship between the plant and the insect is called symbiosis.

africanized bee wallpaper 2 300x187  Bee Wallpaper

bee high resolution wallpaper 300x228  Bee Wallpaper

bee01 300x221  Bee Wallpaper

bee wallpaper 4 300x187  Bee Wallpaper

macro honey bee wallpapers 300x187  Bee Wallpaper

SleepingBee07 300x225  Bee Wallpaper


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