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Khuwahish Or Pasand

Insan Ki Khuwahishat Kabhi Bhi Khatam Nahi Hoti.

Maery Pass Jab BiCycle Thi, Tab Main Sochta Tha K,

Maery Pass Motorbike Honi Chaheya, Koch Arssa

Guzzra To Motorbike Bhi Mil Gayi, To Jesay Hi Koch

Din Or Guzzrey To Dil Main “Car” Ka Arman Jag Utha

Issi Trha Maeri Har Khuwahish Pori Hoti Gayi, Lakin

Pher Bhi Abhi Tak Mujhey Aesay Feel Hota Hey K,

Maeri Ak Khuwahish Bhi Pori Nahi Hoti…!

Agar Insan Yeh Sochey K Main Ney Appni

Zindagi Achay Or Porsakon Tareqay Say Guzarni Hay

To Jitna Allah Ney Diya Hey Ossi Main Khush Rahney

Or Ossi Ko Appna Naseeb Samjh Kar Guzary To Insan

Appni Zindagi Khushgawar Guzar Sakta Hey.

Mohabat Hi Lalich Hoti Hay

Mohabat Kitna Meetha Lafaz Hey,

Jihaan Bhi Mohabat Ka Naam Aye

Ga Dil Main Ak Ajeeb  C  Halchal

Macha Jaye Gi.

Mohabat  Ak  Haqeeqi  Dhuka  Hey,

Jis Kay Andar  Ak  Lalich  Chhupi Hoi

Hay Or Oss Ko Mohabat Ka Naam Dey


Agar Koi Bhi Shakhs Appney Bhai Say

Mohabat Karta Hey To Woh Is Liya

Karta Hey K Woh Oss Ka Appna Hota Hey,

Ghaer Say Mohabat Kiun Nahi Karta.

Agar Maan Appnay Bachay Say

Mohabat Karti Hey To Os K Jisam Ka

Hissa Hota Hey Kissi Dosrey K Bachay

Say Mohabat Kiun Nahi Karti.

Is Doniya Main Har Kissi Ko Lalich Hay

Koi Bhi Nahi Jo Lalich Or Gharaz K

Baghaer Ho.

Kissi Ko Rab Say Bhi Mohabat Hey To

Lalich  Jannat Ki, Or Kissi Ko Dilli Sakon

Hasil Karnay K Liya Mohabat Ka Sahara.

(Mohabat Hi Lalich Hay)

Maera Afsana

Zindagi Insan Ko Kabhi Zameen say Asman Par Ley Jati Hey,

Or Pher Kabhi Itni Bolandi Say Girrati Hey K Zindagi Mout Say Bhi Bad Tar Ho Jati Hay.

Main Ney Jab Is Doniya Main Ankh Kholi To Bas Mujhey Ronay K Ilawah Or Koch Bhi Nahi Ata Tha, Bas Zindagi Or Halat Ney Mujhey Hasna Bhi Seekha Diya Or Rona To Mujhey Pehlay Say Hi Ata Tha.

Zindagi Say Siraf Mujhey Khushi Hi Milli, Jab Bhi Mujh Say Doniya Ney Koch Dey Kar Dobara Chhena To Mujhey Rona Yad Ageya.

Zindagi Ney Mohabat Ka Jazba Bhi Dil Main Peda Kar Diya, To Mujhey Laga Ak Haseen Doniya Maery Liya Banni Hey, Lakin Mujhey Kiya Malom K Yeh Jazbat Bhi Jhotey Or Yeh Log Bhi Jhotey, Pher Mujhey Appni Wohi Pehli Zaban Yad Aa Gayi.

Zindagi Main Mohabat Kar K Mujhey To Dukh Hi Milla , Zindagi Main Yeh Talkhiyan Na Hon To Is Ka Naam Zindagi Hi Na Hota.

5 inch ka hai

5 inch ka hai,
size normal hai,
mazboot hai,
ziyada mota bhi nahi,
2 ladkiyan dekh choki hain,
lena hai to bolo,

Shayad Main Mar Jaunga

Wife: Agar main mar jaun to tum kya karoge?
Husband: Shayad main mar jaunga.
Wife: Kyun?
Husband: Kabhi kabhi zyada kushi janleva hoti hai…


Cell phones are the best invention of this modern era. Technology has so much improved that to keep in touch or to communicate is no more a dream. It’s just at a distance of a single click of sms through mobile phones. There are different sms in different languages for the natives of that language.
Hindi Sms are considered the source of easy communication and they play a vital role in today’s world. For the people who are illiterate or can’t read English, Hindi sms helps them to understand or communicate with their siblings, relatives and friends. There are mobile with built in hindi software in tem. It helps in writing and sending message in Hindi language. No matter where you are, through sms you remain in reach with every other person.
Not only a lay man but even businessmen are using this technology in a number of different ways.
There was a time when marketers use only print or television as mean of communication for advertising their product to public but technology enhancement has switched this medium, cell phones are the most efficient and economic way of conveying or publicity for the marketers for their advertisements.
There are different hindi sms on different topics like health sms, economy sms, social sms , hindi culture sms, environmental sms etc. Not only topics there are different sms on the basis of different occasions like diwali sms, malayalam sms, bengali sms, holy sms, deepawali sms, independence day sms etc
Hindi sms are growing popular day by day. Government makes use of this facility and conveys their message to nation in Hindi. This enables people to read and understand the message of government. The awareness programs that are for the betterment of nation are also conveyed in Hindi. It takes less time and is easier to convey something in the mother language. There are people who act as translators. They translate funny sms, funny poetries, love quotes, friendship quotes and famous saying in Hindi so that a large people can enjoy them. Even English or other language jokes are translated into Hindi and are forwarded so that everyone can enjoy them.
These Hindi sms are a great help for people who has learned to read or write Hindi only. The can express their thoughts and feelings in Hindi and convey them to others.  Some people feel restricted in explaining things in foreign languages so they want to express them in their mother language. People can display their talent of making jokes in Hindi so this helps them to share with others. One can send wishes in Hindi to their friends and family. Generally, people find is more heart touching to hear words said in their own words. One can express their love on Valentines Day in Hindi by sending a sms in hindi. Similarly, the New Year and holy events are liked to be greeted in Hindi as the true essence is felt in mother language. Following is an example of Hindi sms
Diwali Parva hai Khushio ka,
Diwali Parva hai Khushio ka,
Ujalo ka, Laxmi ka…. Is Diwali Aapki Jindagi khushio se bhari ho,
Duniya ujalo se roshan ho, ghar par Maa Laxmi ka Aagman ho…
Happy Diwali
Even literate people, who have a command over English reports to type messages in hindi. They type messages in roman Hindi as they feel more comfortable in expressing words in hindi. In order to cope with the requirements of consumers and immensely growing popularity of hind isms, compels marketers to manufacture mobile with Hindi software. Hindi sms not only helps you to convey your message but also gives a feeling of patriotism as you communicate in your national language.