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Tumhe Banho Me Bhar lete
Tumhe Sab se Chupa lete
Tumhe Ankho Me Rakh Lete
Kabhi Na Roothne Dete
Kabhi Na Tootne dete
Tumhe Hum Qaid kar lete
Bus apne dil ki dunya me
Kisi bhi haal me hum phir
Tumhe azaad na karte
Sabhi dunya bhula dete
Tumhe apna bana lete
Hamare bus me hota tou
Magar hai bebasi aisi
Hamara dil machalta hai
Tumhe hi yad karta hai
Tumhara qurb chahta hai
Magar hum kya karen jana
Hamara bus nhi chalta

Khuwahish Or Pasand

Insan Ki Khuwahishat Kabhi Bhi Khatam Nahi Hoti.

Maery Pass Jab BiCycle Thi, Tab Main Sochta Tha K,

Maery Pass Motorbike Honi Chaheya, Koch Arssa

Guzzra To Motorbike Bhi Mil Gayi, To Jesay Hi Koch

Din Or Guzzrey To Dil Main “Car” Ka Arman Jag Utha

Issi Trha Maeri Har Khuwahish Pori Hoti Gayi, Lakin

Pher Bhi Abhi Tak Mujhey Aesay Feel Hota Hey K,

Maeri Ak Khuwahish Bhi Pori Nahi Hoti…!

Agar Insan Yeh Sochey K Main Ney Appni

Zindagi Achay Or Porsakon Tareqay Say Guzarni Hay

To Jitna Allah Ney Diya Hey Ossi Main Khush Rahney

Or Ossi Ko Appna Naseeb Samjh Kar Guzary To Insan

Appni Zindagi Khushgawar Guzar Sakta Hey.

Mohabat Hi Lalich Hoti Hay

Mohabat Kitna Meetha Lafaz Hey,

Jihaan Bhi Mohabat Ka Naam Aye

Ga Dil Main Ak Ajeeb  C  Halchal

Macha Jaye Gi.

Mohabat  Ak  Haqeeqi  Dhuka  Hey,

Jis Kay Andar  Ak  Lalich  Chhupi Hoi

Hay Or Oss Ko Mohabat Ka Naam Dey


Agar Koi Bhi Shakhs Appney Bhai Say

Mohabat Karta Hey To Woh Is Liya

Karta Hey K Woh Oss Ka Appna Hota Hey,

Ghaer Say Mohabat Kiun Nahi Karta.

Agar Maan Appnay Bachay Say

Mohabat Karti Hey To Os K Jisam Ka

Hissa Hota Hey Kissi Dosrey K Bachay

Say Mohabat Kiun Nahi Karti.

Is Doniya Main Har Kissi Ko Lalich Hay

Koi Bhi Nahi Jo Lalich Or Gharaz K

Baghaer Ho.

Kissi Ko Rab Say Bhi Mohabat Hey To

Lalich  Jannat Ki, Or Kissi Ko Dilli Sakon

Hasil Karnay K Liya Mohabat Ka Sahara.

(Mohabat Hi Lalich Hay)

Maera Afsana

Zindagi Insan Ko Kabhi Zameen say Asman Par Ley Jati Hey,

Or Pher Kabhi Itni Bolandi Say Girrati Hey K Zindagi Mout Say Bhi Bad Tar Ho Jati Hay.

Main Ney Jab Is Doniya Main Ankh Kholi To Bas Mujhey Ronay K Ilawah Or Koch Bhi Nahi Ata Tha, Bas Zindagi Or Halat Ney Mujhey Hasna Bhi Seekha Diya Or Rona To Mujhey Pehlay Say Hi Ata Tha.

Zindagi Say Siraf Mujhey Khushi Hi Milli, Jab Bhi Mujh Say Doniya Ney Koch Dey Kar Dobara Chhena To Mujhey Rona Yad Ageya.

Zindagi Ney Mohabat Ka Jazba Bhi Dil Main Peda Kar Diya, To Mujhey Laga Ak Haseen Doniya Maery Liya Banni Hey, Lakin Mujhey Kiya Malom K Yeh Jazbat Bhi Jhotey Or Yeh Log Bhi Jhotey, Pher Mujhey Appni Wohi Pehli Zaban Yad Aa Gayi.

Zindagi Main Mohabat Kar K Mujhey To Dukh Hi Milla , Zindagi Main Yeh Talkhiyan Na Hon To Is Ka Naam Zindagi Hi Na Hota.


Dost jitna bi bura ho us say naraz nai hona chay
pani jitna bi ganda ho kam iz kam aag bajany ka qabal ah hi jata hy

The taste of water Friendship sms

“The taste of water can b enjoyed only when we are thirsty,

Same way,

The affection of a sincere friend can only b felt when we are alone.”

Friendship Sms

Friendship is one of the most beautiful relationships on earth. One is blessed to have friends around. A true friend is the one who stands besides you through thick and thin. One should make efforts of love and care to one’s friends to show them their importance in their lives. Usually, gifts are exchanged for this purpose. A new trend is seen in this respect i.e. one can send heart touching and caring sms to their friends. One has different levels of friendship with different friends. There are true fiends, best friends, old friends, new friends and some are friends forever.

Sms is a great convenience in this fast paced era. You can send an sms and the recipient can read it, whenever they are free. There is no time restriction in sending sms. In addition of sending sms for an urgent or important message, one can convey their feelings through this as well. People send heart touching messages to express their feelings about friendship to their friends. There are ‘missing you’ messages which a friend sends to other friends to show that they are being missed. The dawn of morning is soul captivating with a refreshing touch; one can drop lovely sms to greet a good morning to your friend.
When one is out of touch of their old friends, they can send messages to stay in touch. People send such texts which expresses the fun and real happiness associated with old friends. The unforgettable memories are cherished by these friendship sms. You can send sms everyday to your new and old friends. These friendship sms makes you feel close to your faraway friends. The essence of these friendship messages make you elated and delivers the same essence as of your friendship. True friendship can be strengthened by exchanging messages on every occasion especially on birthdays.
There are various days that are celebrated all over the world. Friendship day is celebrated on the first Sunday of august every year. On this day, friends send special messages to their friends to celebrate this day. These messages contain friendship quotes, phrase, poems and even pictures which would depict the feelings of friendship of one friend for another. There is no limit of sending sms as well. One can send tons of sms to their friends. On this day, friends want to empower the hearts of their best friends. So they do send bulk messages expressing their own feelings. Messages explaining the feelings of the memorable time spent together.
There is a wide variety of friendship sms depending upon the situation. There are friendship sms that one uses to express their anger over friends as well. There are messages which express the extent to which one is hurt. One can notify their friends that they are hurt by them. There are apology sms and quotes available so that you can send them when you want to say sorry. The apology in a different style melts the heart of friends and brings them back on terms. There are also hilarious friendship sms that spreads a huge smile after reading them. These amusing messages remind one of the stupid blunders they have made together.
Friendship sms not only helps you in expressing your feelings towards friends but also make them realize how much you care for them. It is a unique way of expressing your love and care for friends. You can make your friends feel special and happy through these messages. It always makes you feel nice while sending these messages. Friendship messages are most popular among teenagers, adult and even elderly people who own cell phone. They do not forget to send message to their friends. You can share your everyday stories, jokes, incidents and feelings through them. One should drop an amusing friendship jokes and heart touching quotes to one’s friends.

Friendship sms

Lafz aap do, geet hum banayenge.
Manzil aap pao, raasta hum banayenge.
Khush aap raho, khushiyan hum dilayenge.
Aap bas dost bane raho, dosti hum nibhayenge.