Love is the ultimate feeling that out springs from the inner core of the person’s heart. It’s the greatest feeling that one can hold in the whole world. You feel like flying in the air. The feeling of love can’t be expressed or defined unless and until you yourself feel head over heel in love.  There is no specific definition of love. Meaning of love varies by each and every person that exists on this earth similarly, it can be expressed by thousands and millions of ways, this special feeling depends upon the aptitude of each individual. Recently, the new trend of expressing love for the special person is via sms. Love sms are very popular these days as they help people in increasing their love bond as love is a feeling that increases with the expressions, with the show of your concern for the other.
Sometimes to convey your true feelings to a special person becomes a bit difficult. For that purpose Love sms plays a very essential role in developing an intimate relationship between two lovers. Love sms helps to boost the connection between those two people who are sharing the same bond. It’s the most proficient way that the people can avail not only for communication but also helps to grow their associations. In the past, people can only use their phones or take the help of love letters. Today as everyone is flooded in their busy routine can hardly get time to talk on phones for several hours. Instead they can spare only n two minutes to send a love sms. Now the mode of communication has been modified. This amazing task is done by the cell phones. Gap is not good for any relation either it’s between husband and wife or in committed relationship. To nurture your relation needs to share your thoughts on daily basis and via love sms from your busy schedule just by a simple click you can keep yourself in touched with your partners, siblings and lovers. Love sms not only helps to build your relation it’s the perfect way to make your loved one believe that they are being missed. Every morning you can send a love sms to the special one to make him realize that he is the first thought after you wake up and rejoice and brighten their day. Even if your lover is hurt, you can delight him in a very sweet and different way by sending love sms in an apologizing manner.
Every year, Valentines Day is celebrated on 14th of February. On this day, lovers express their love. On this day, love sms are exchanged to show their love and care to their loved one. On Valentines Day, lovers send tons of love messages to each other. They dedicate love songs to each other through sms even. Love is not restricted to girl and boy; one can send these love sms to their parents and siblings as well. One can send love quotes, poems and phrases to express their feelings.
These messages can make your loved one feel highly special and happy. These love sms ensure and prove that how much you care about them. One should not forget to send messages to one’s loved ones.  One can enjoy love messages when you send them to your loved ones and wait for their reply. In this way, you also get a reply which also ensures the love of other person for you. In this fast paced life, one has shortage of time. One can’t spend long hours on chat or phone to be with their loved ones. In this situation sending a sms is the most convenient thing.  Through the facility of sms, technology has helped us to be in touch with our loved ones at any time.

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