Funny sms

Funny sms
In the 21st century, cellular technology has taken over our lives.  Now almost every individual possesses a cell phone. The new software and technology in the cell phone allow you to perform many activities through it. Sms is also a specialty of this cell phone.  One can send and receive numerous sms a day. Sms is used as mean to convey your message to others. There are various types of sms. They are love sms, friendship sms, funny, sad, poetry, heart broken and etc. sms are also specified on the basis of occasions such as birthday sms, anniversary sms, congratulations sms, valentines day sms, Islamic sms, best wishes sms, condolence sms and etc.
Humor is a thing that one can never have enough of. The essence of hum our in the sms will leave a positive impact on the recipient. When you exchange funny sms with one another, it spreads smile over faces. Funny sms consists of funny quotes, jokes, funny poetry, phrases and riddles. These sms are written in such a way that the situation is more humorous. People enjoy reading funny messages and forward them to other to share laughter.
Recently, funny poetry has gained great fame. It can be in both English and Urdu languages. One can get wide range of funny poetry through internet. There are websites which publish funny poetry for their visitors. Funny poetry is written by humor poets. Recently, people have twisted the serious poetry by adding humorous words to obtain a funny poem. People enjoy a lot reading these funny poetries. These funny poems can also serve to explain the feeling in a different style. Humour has the quality to be incorporated in almost everything. You can add humor to love sms, friendship sms, anniversary sms , birthday sms, sad sms, and etc. humor can be added even to heart broken sms  as well.
In this busy and depressing world, people are getting frustrated day by day. Their frustration can be minimized by the application of humor and fun in their serious bored lives. These funny sms lighten up the mood of the recipient to a greater extent. These messages with jokes cheer up people. If they can not eliminate the sadness and misery of people; at least they help them in forgetting their worries for a while. These funny sms makes you smile and help you spread this happiness around by forwarding it to others.
Students generate funny sms usually consisting of tips to cope with student life. The most hilarious examples are the funny tips to bunk a lesson. Moreover, the situation of students during exams season expressed in funny way makes everyone laugh.  In the same way, adults generate funny messages about their jobs and funny excuses to give boss. These messages allow you to smile when you are feeling down or tensed. The pressure of circumstances can be reduced by enjoying life by any mean.
Humor plays an essential part in everyone’s live. It is necessary to equip oneself with humor. This helps to make you feel better at worst times. The mood of a person can be lightened with the help humor. The optimistic approach towards of life in depressing periods is enhanced by humor. When one doesn’t have enough time to read magazine, surf on internet for humor sayings and jokes can benefit from sms. These sms can be accessed at any hour of time. These funny sms are so powerful that whenever you read them; it spreads smile over your face. One should send these funny sms to all in their social circle so that the can also enjoy the joke as well.

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