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MSN How To Install MSN Winks


How To Install MSN Winks

MSN Winks have been one of the most well-liked features. MSN Winks are the MSN animations that you can send and receive in MSN Messenger 7, 8, they consist of animation and sound. MSN Winks take expressions within a conversation to a whole new level (far beyond those of Emoticons and such), Winks are all about expressing yourself, showing off your style and being trendy!

Learn How To Install Winks To Your MSN Messenger:

  • First download the Winks Installer by clicking Here.
  • Now Choose any of the free winks from MSN Winks section and download them.
  • Sign in to Msn Messenger and make sure your status is set to online.
  • Open the Winks-Installer, click browse and locate the wink that you downloaded.
  • Click the button Add this to MSN and the wink will be added.

Note: On some computers, you may need to be the administrator for the winks to install.

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