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Broken Baby Doll...

I'm not a goddess I'm not a queen, I'm just the prettiest girl you have ever seen!(K)
Sweet yet loud, Im a cutie 'n' proud!

Im part of the F.B.I: Im Faboulos, beautiful and Intelligent

:)I'm too pretty to do math ;)

Boys are great, every girl should own 1 (or two... three...)

Forget chocolate, Diamonds are my best friend!

Looking 4 Mr. Right
I love you is eight letters long but so is bullshit!

God made sand, God made dirt, God made boys so girls can flirt!

Girls don't like boys, girls like money and expensive cars!

Please don't think I'm crazy, I don't want you to understand. My mind is going hazy, to hell with your helping hand... Why don't you just leave me alone, this conflict is my own!
Someone asked if I knew you, it was sad cause all I could say was " I used to"

Tired of trying, Sick of crying, yeah i'm smiling but inside I'm dying!

(*) Im a supergirl and Im here to save the world (*)

I'm not perfect, niether is he but together we just may be!

At night i pray that soon your face will fade away!

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