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MSN Addons

MSN Messenger Addons are small software or plugins to use with MSN Messenger. These MSN Addons can add extra working features to your default MSN Messenger. MSN Messenger Addons are available for free downlaod. Get these MSN Plugins or MSN Addons, and install them with your MSN Messenger to get extra features.


MSN Font Color Editor

Use this tiny application to change it to the color you love. It is easy and fun to use.
Download Size: 342 KB


Messenger Air Live

Some Features: Anti toast flooder, Contact shadow, Display picture features, Status assignments, Messenger protection.
Download Size: 1.47 KB


Sound Clips

 Download customised Messenger backgrounds, display pictures and emoticons of Skittles Gummies
Download Size: 383.5 KB


MSN Webcam Recorder v 1.0.2

MSN Webcam Recorder is a tool that allows you to record video streamed to and from your computer by MSN Messenger's Webcam Feature. It doesn't do screen capture like other softwares, that are innacurate, skip some frames, and lose in quality.
Download Size: 210.9 KB


Image Cap 1.0

Image Cap is a snapshot taker from devices.
Download Size: 50.4 KB


Messenger Adjust

An MSN or Windows Live Messenger addon, allows many simple options such as event log, status changes, quick texts etc. Also drag drop feature. Messenger Adjust is compatible with 6.*/7.*/8.* MSN Versions.

Download Size: 701 KB


Winkprev 1.1

Winkprev is a small utility that you willow you to view and install MSN/WLM winks directly without experiencing any difficulties. Please use the link below to have your copy and use Winzip to extract the zipped file and use it. Winkprev 1.1 is compatible.
Download Size: 969 KB


Messenger Discovery Live!

Some Features: Amount of messages sent to contact - Amount of messages received from contacts - Removing 'is typing' message- Always shown as 'is typing' - Stopping instant message window flash - Spell checking.
Download Size: 1.15 MB
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