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Play Mailman
Play Mailman Sep 24

In this game you play a mail man who has to catch the falling envelopes. Use your arrow keys to move back and forth. Do not catch the red envelopes or you will lose points.

Mission One
Mission One Sep 23

This fighter plane game starts off very quick so get ready. Press the up arrow key as soon as the game starts. Try to shoot the other plane down.

Last Man Standing
Last Man Standing Sep 22

Fun and challenging game. See if you can take out the other guy before he kills you. You have to be quick because the other guy is pretty good.

Mini Racer
Mini Racer Sep 21

Race your mini car around the track and try to get the best time you can. I must warn you it is very hard to control your car with the arrow keys.

Memory Cats
Memory Cats Sep 20

Here is a game for all you cat lovers out there. It is like the classic memory game. Flip the cards over to try to match up the pictures of the cats.

Mary Jean
Mary Jean Sep 19

The premise of this game is very funny. You will want to read the directions before you start to play it. Try to save the people and make it through all the levels.

Play Metioriods
Play Metioriods Sep 18

Space fighter game. Use the arrow keys to move around and the space bar to fire. Once you fire a rocket it will keep going until it hits something.

Easy Memory Game
Easy Memory Game Sep 17

This game is like the memory game that you played as a kid. Turn over two cards that are alike. Try to match them all to win the round.

Play Spaceman 2
Play Spaceman 2 Sep 16

If you liked the original spaceman game then you will love this new version. This flash game has really nice graphics and sounds. Your mission is to save aliens on other planets.

A Map Game
A Map Game Sep 14

Use this flash game to see how well do you know the United States of America. Drag the state from the right hand side of the screen and on to the map.

Mini Jumper
Mini Jumper Sep 13

Cool flash game to play. Run down the street and try to jump into a mini car without getting hurt too bad. Use the H and J keys to run and press the space bar to jump.

Castle Of Cards
Castle Of Cards Sep 12

Cool flash game to play! The object of this game is to build a house of cards. You will want to read the instructions on this one to learn how to place the cards.

Jet Pakker
Jet Pakker Sep 11

Make the robot fly by using the space bar. Move left and right by using the arrow keys. If you get hit by any of the obstacles you will lose a life.

Elite Free Cell
Elite Free Cell Sep 10

The classic game of Free Cell. The object of the game is to put cards from 8 columns to 4 cells at the right called the home row. You can play in adventure mode or practice mode.

Jedi Space
Jedi Space Sep 09

Jedi Space is your basic space fighter game. Try to shoot all the other ships before they can kill you. You have to be fast because they come at you quick.

Keyboard Runner
Keyboard Runner Sep 08

Type in the correct letters and symbols as quickly as possible, by jumping on them with the sheep. Be careful because the letters crumble.

Balloon Park
Balloon Park Sep 07

This is a really fun flash game! You have to click the pipes to line them up. When they line up one of the kid's will float away. Good luck.

Incoming Packages
Incoming Packages Sep 06

Click the packages to make them fall into the package collection boxes. Some packages should not be collected. A game of luck and skill.

Kick Da PC
Kick Da PC Sep 05

Funny little game where you play a guy who wants to kick a computer. Slide the power and angle buttons then click the kick button.

Labyrinth Ball
Labyrinth Ball Sep 04

Negiotate a ball around incresingly difficult randomly generate mazes and collect 10 flasg within the time limit.

Jewels Game
Jewels Game Sep 03

Fun flash game to play. Click to move the jewels. All you have to do is match three jewels and they will disappear. Try to clear the whole board.

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