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Online Flash Games

247 Mini Golf
247 Mini Golf Sep 02

Play mini golf online. This version was done very professionally with great graphics and sounds. Try to sink the shots with as few strokes as you can.

Insect Chase
Insect Chase Sep 01

Easy and fun game to play. Use your arrow keys to stay away from the bad guys. You can move from one side of the screen to the other. And from top to bottom.

Gauntlet Game
Gauntlet Game Aug 31

This is a fun adventure type game. You will definitely want to read the directions before playing this one. Good luck and have fun.

Hexxagon Aug 30

This game can be really fun once you get the hang of it. You are trying to take over all of your opponents pieces. Click your red piece then click an empty space to move to.

Goblin Space
Goblin Space Aug 29

Easy flash game. All you have to do is try to shoot as many of the aliens as you can before the time runs out. Those are some funny looking aliens.

Abba's On A Mission
Abba's On A Mission Aug 28

Fun flash game. Try to collect all the envelopes. Use your up arrow to jump up. If your timing is not just right you will fall to the bottom.

Fruit Smash 2
Fruit Smash 2 Aug 27

This version of Fruit Smash is almost just like the first one. You have to match up three pieces of fruit in order to score.

Catch Eggs
Catch Eggs Aug 26

This game seems easy but it can be a little tough. You have to be quick to catch all the eggs. Use your arrow keys to move back and forth and catch the eggs before they fall.

Gone Postal
Gone Postal Aug 25

Gone Postal is a fun flash game. It is kind of like Donkey Kong in reverse. This time you get to stand at the top and drop stuff on people. If the cops get to the top the game is over.

Fruit Machine
Fruit Machine Aug 24

Click the handle on the slot machine to spills the wheels. It is all random so all you can really do is just click as fast as you can and hope for the best. :)

Play Hoops
Play Hoops Aug 23

Cool flash basketball game. This is like those little basketball booths you see in the arcade. Try to get the bar on the right all the way to the top.

Play Disassembled
Play Disassembled Aug 22

In this game you play a robot in a box who is about to be destroyed. Use your arrow keys to move around. Be warned that this game can be pretty hard.

Beaver Trouble
Beaver Trouble Aug 21

Try your hand at this new flash game. Help Billy the beaver stay away from the falling objects. Pick up the shields they will give you temporary protection from that crazy hog.

Witch Kill
Witch Kill Aug 20

Fun Halloween themed game. The witches will fly across the screen and you have to shoot them down. If they get across the screen you lose a life.

The Insane Driver
The Insane Driver Aug 19

The goal of this little game is simple. You drive around like crazy and try to run over as many people as you can. Use your mouse to move your car around.

Happy Shopper
Happy Shopper Aug 18

You are on you way to go shopping, you see its a very busy day for shopping you find yourself dodging your way passed the shoppers that are on the road. Don't hit them you lose a life.

Snake Flash
Snake Flash Aug 17

Here is another version of the game called snake. Use your arrow keys to move your snake and eat the food. Get ready because the snake moves really fast in this one.

Play Bike Stunts
Play Bike Stunts Aug 16

Here is a chance for those of us with no talent for extreme sports to do some bike stunts. You have three minutes to show the

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