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Another Internet phone that can be used to make free phone calls is Freebuzzer.

Freebuzzer works a lot like Google Voice in that it connects your phone with the phone number you dial. Your free call is limited to a very short two minutes and you can only make three free calls per day.

The good news is that free phone calls with Freebuzzer can be made to over 40 countries. Since most Internet phones restrict free calls to the US and Canada, Freebuzzer might be your only bet for free calls to certain countries.

There is no software download or registration required to use Freebuzzer, making it one of the easiest ways to make free calls over the Internet.

Types of Free Calls With Freebuzzer:

Freebuzzer can be used to make free "phone to phone calls" by connecting your existing phone to the one dialed.

How To Use Freebuzzer:

To make a free call with Freebuzzer, all you have to do is visit their site here.

Once there, enter Your Phone Number and the Destination Phone Number, followed by the Security Code shown.

Make sure Your Phone is ready and then click on Free Call. Freebuzzer will ring Your Phone, and the Destination Phone, and connect you for free.

Freebuzzer Free Call Limits:

Free calls made with Freebuzzer are limited to two minutes, at which point you'll be disconnected. You're also only able to make three free calls per day with Freebuzzer.

There are origination and destination restrictions for free calls but, unlike most other free Internet phone call options, your free calling ability goes well beyond the US and Canada.

While the US and Canada are valid options, you can also make free calls from and to countries like Australia, Chile, Germany, France, Hong Kong, Japan, Spain, UK, and more

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