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Tuitalk is another Internet phone that works much like EvaPhone. With Tuitalk, however, you have to download their free Internet phone software.

Tuitalk lets allows you to make free phone calls to around 40 countries. Each country in which you make your free phone call is limited to a certain number of minutes per call and per day. For most countries, your free Internet phone call can be six minutes in length.

Before your free call with Tuitalk is connected, you have to watch several seconds of a high-quality video advertisement.

Download Tuitalk and Create a Free Account:

You can download Tuitalk for free here.

Once downloaded, install the program, run it, and then click the Not a member yet? link at the bottom of the program window to sign up.

How To Use Tuitalk:

Making a free call with Tuitalk is pretty easy. First, start the program and log in. Select the country you want to call, enter the phone number, and then click the phone icon.

After clicking the icon, a video advertisement will play in the video window. As soon as that's complete, the call will be connected for free.

Free Tuitalk Windows Mobile and iPhone apps are also available.

Tuitalk Free Call Limits:

Free calls made with Tuitalk are limited based on the free call's destination. For most destinations, you can talk for six minutes, three times per day, for a total of 18 minutes.

You can see the complete list of free call destinations and respective durations here.

When the free call time is over, you'll be automatically disconnected


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